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Miss Teen Aquamarine® International


Hi, my name is Gabriella Gonzalez. I am 17 years old and I am your current reigning Miss Teen Aquamarine International 2020-2021. I attend Betty Fairfax High School and I am a senior this year. I am a proud member of the Equus marching band as a flute player but also play saxophone. This year, I am also learning to play guitar. I may be a band geek, but I love to model.

My modeling career started out as just preparing for my quinceanera, but I started to love modeling and just couldn’t stop.

Modeling has been the best because I get to meet some amazing new friends.

I also used to be shy, but thanks to modeling I broke out of my shell and tried new things. My chosen platform is animal rights/conservation and since my title is a water element,  I have shifted my platform to include water animals as well. 


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